Heavy Prescription : Aosoth, Thyrfing

Damn it!! Its been quite a while since my last Heavy Prescription post! Well as usual, i am here to make up for all the lost time. And i haven’t been idle when it comes to listening to new stuff. Here are two brilliant bands that i’ve been aching to write about for a few days now. Check them out!



Off late, the death/black doom side of metal seems to have enthralled me in its iron grip. A lot of blackened death/doom have as a result snaked their way into my playlist. One such rather recent finding is Aosoth from France. An unholy trio of sorts, the band members are known by stage names, namely : MkM on vocals, BST and INRVI on all the instruments evolved. Aosoth consider themselves to be a black metal band, aesthetically, i would agree. But their new track titled “An Arrow in Heart” have elements of doom and death in it as well. But surely the black metal vibe here predominates over them both. ‘An Arrow in Heart’ comes from their latest album titled ‘IV: Arrow in Heart‘ released via Agonia Records.

Initial listens sent chills shivering down my spine. What you have here is one evil acolyte, adorned in the blackest of capes with a purpose that will spur on global destruction. Hate fueled by satanic ideologies percolates out through the track and reaches out to the listener. But it left me with a sour aftertaste of hunger. Curiosity kills (pun intended). As i was possessed to find more about the band, i came across this mammoth of a track. Mere words cannot describe the pure evil that this track (linked below) infiltrates you with.

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* kindly stop staring at the artwork

Viking metal, i believe has lost most of its sheen. For the genre has grown to be incredibly self- limiting over the years. It has always been the same old tunes getting rehashed and recycled over the years. The instant catchiness that earmarks most of the songs from the genre, seem to have descended into a state of familiar catchiness. This makes quick wearing out, in fact if you exclude Bathory and the genre’s  early progenitors, the genre was never in it for its staying power.

But oh my! Thyrfing seems to have proved me wrong here, yet again. These Swedish folks seem to have crafted another song which combines catchiness with incredible staying power. Yes the riffs might indeed seem a tad derivative, but oh boy don’t they mix things up! Combining the viking call for valor and ethereal melody these guys have indeed created a piece of ineffable beauty. Oh! and not to mention those heavenly choir section.

The song titled ‘Veners Forfall‘ from the album ‘De Odeslosa‘ released via NoiseArt Records.

Check out the song below

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Heavy Prescription: Tick’s Talk, Rohit Nair, Abinav Thakuri

Aargh! Boredom kills. I’ve been so caught up at work and monotony and never really got around listening to new music. Either way there have been a few Indian acts that i’ve been wanting to share with you guys for some time now.

1. Tick’s Talk

This is a band from Guwahati (a hot bed for some of the finest Indian rock and metal) leaning towards the progressive side of things. The rock elements in their music are more pronounced and yet they do have a few metal passages as well. They’ve just got two songs in the recorded format, the second of which was recently released as a pre-production track. Titled ‘Pictures Predict‘, the song starts with keys followed by some lovely heart stirring croons by the vocalist. The song  then veers off into progressive territory. The keyboards remain in the forefront and are complemented by some instantly catchy riffs. All this goes on to make a great listening experience, despite being at the pre-production stage. For all those laymen, they did release a song titled Drug Dimension a month back, which you can listen to below.

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2. Rohit Nair


Rohit Nair is the man behind Paradox, a one man instrumental venture. This guy produces some really catchy riffs akin to the one man behemoth that is Cloudkicker. He did release an EP titled ‘Beyond Reason’ under the Paradox moniker, and it did have a few heads turning his way. I for one loved it, for its simplistic and instantly gratifying vibe. But the mans been bogged down by a hectic day job, and hes been out of touch for a while. But i am more than happy to announce his return to what he does best, with a new track ‘Reminiscence’.

It is safe to say that the song has one of the catchiest main riffs i’ve heard in a bloody long while. Check it out for yourself.

And if you haven’t his last release. Then here is the whole album! Stream away

3. Abinav Thakuri


Now for skull bashing, bone gnashing riffage. With this we welcome our new writer Abinav Thakuri onboard as well. Luckily for all groove aficionados out there,  he is well on his way to release his debut E.P. titled ‘Tattooed Goddess’. Check out a pre-production version of his first single ‘Cassiopeia’ released at the 1st of this month. Frenetically paced and filled to the brim with massive amounts of groove, this is one helluva track. Stream away lads!!   also remember to follow his personal page on Facebook.

Heavy Prescription: Man the Machetes, Disperse, Balescream

Yes another edition of Heavy Prescription and the internet is flooded with news regarding the leak/official leak of the new Killswitch Engage single. The track was brilliant and might as well signal a return to form for the melodic metalcore titans. Nonetheless, i do feel that there are a lot of less popular yet truly deserving the notice. Well here are a few of those tracks that i for one believe deserve a good listen.


1. Man the Machetes

Catchiness has always been a relative feeling, but some songs just manage to inject potent quantities of it directly into the cranium. Kvelertak signed to the Norwegian label was one such band who were able to take single handedly take their brand music into infinitesimal levels of catchiness without sacrificing their hardcore roots that shine through. Now another band that has come to my attention is Man the Machetes. They are on the same label ‘Indie Recordings‘ that Kvelertak is on and seemingly so, sound musically more close to them  as well. The track featured here is titled ‘Megaplask’ and quite obviously is in Norwegian.

The vibe that this track emanates will have you entranced in its melody and headbanging at the same moment. I wouldn’t call it metal by any means, but its easygoing and fun laden spirit, spurred me on to share this with you guys. Take a listen!


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Heavy Prescription: Fractal Gates, Moth, V3CTORS

Fractal Gates fg

1. Fractal Gates – Timeless (feat. Sotiris – Septic Flesh)


Fractal Gates from France has been a recent discovery for me and it seems that they’ve been tailor made to suit my musical palette. They play a brand of melodic death metal with a solid footing in the progressive side of the genre and yet manage to be instantly catchy. Lately they’ve been working towards a new album ‘Beyond the Self’ which is to be released by the French label Great Dane Records in February. Below is their first single titled Timeless. The video doubles as a lyric video and a normal music video, and is simply great to watch and so is the quality of the music accompanying it. Sotiris, guitarist from the symphonic death metal masters ‘Septic Flesh’, play a great solo in it as well. The production is top notch as well, courtesy Dan Swano. Lyrics compliment the track greatly, especially the part when the vocalist shouts “Reason shall rise! Once you soar in its sunset”..  Go ahead and click play!

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Heavy Prescription: Hanging Garden and Sons of Aeon

Ah yes! A belated happy new year to all you lads and lasses!

Today we have the first official installment of the Heavy Prescription series, the first once since our rather premature death on account of getting hacked into. And yes we did lose all previous Heavy Prescription posts along with it. So this one can be regarded as a first for reasons that can’t be more but obvious.


 Lately I’ve been checking out a lot of songs from the bands from the German Label Lifeforce Records. I must say that they’ve all been simply mindblowing in terms of sheer quality and musicianship. In my first post in what seemed like an eternity, I did mention the band ‘Omnium Gatherum’ and their new track from their latest album. Well today we are going to follow it up with two more bands from Lifeforce Records which also have their albums coming out in a short while.

1. Hanging Garden

I was hoping that this band had something to do with Babylon or maybe had some sort of Mesopotamian riffing style that they were know for when I came across their name. I was soon to realize that I still haven’t lost my touch in making absolutely wrong guesses.

On the contrary their music seems to have nothing to do with Mesopotamia at all for their forte seems to be get the listener to a somber mood and yet not losing sight of the beauty this song brings along. These guys are from Finland (I shoulda known!) and are all set to release their 3rd LP titled ‘At Every Door’. To describe their music is like describing a pyre burning away, as the last remains of a soul you’ve known withes away. All this is perfectly brought out in their first full track teaser from the album called ‘Ash and Dust’. Listen to the song as slabs of doom are placed over your head…. Demise imminent…

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